Comments on "Letter to the Beaverton School District" - Faerye Net 2010-10-06T20:46:45+00:00 Re: NICE 2010-10-06T20:46:45+00:00 2010-10-06T20:46:45+00:00 <p>I’m so glad it struck a chord! Thanks for dropping by.</p> Felicity NICE 2010-10-06T18:59:14+00:00 2010-10-06T18:59:14+00:00 <p>Your sister sent me this…NICE job. I was a gay student in the BSD, and I was extremely disappointed to hear about this. Thank you for speaking up!</p> Megan Knight Re: Well-played 2010-10-06T10:05:04+00:00 2010-10-06T10:05:04+00:00 <p>Thank you!</p> Felicity Well-played 2010-10-06T00:24:06+00:00 2010-10-06T00:24:06+00:00 <p>Writing the letters I don’t have time to write, better than i could write them. I am so proud you are my sister. :)</p> sister_sledge Re: Good job 2010-10-05T22:48:55+00:00 2010-10-05T22:48:55+00:00 <p>I’m glad you agree, Jan. I have appreciated your recent blog posts about public education. It’s something I was raised to feel very strongly about, and continue to do so — I’m glad I went to public schools for 7 years, even though I ended up going private eventually. I love reading your considered and grounded inside perspective.</p> Felicity Good job 2010-10-05T21:39:53+00:00 2010-10-05T21:39:53+00:00 <p>Thank you, Felicity, for making this statement. It’s just too much to ask that people conform to a prejudiced and narrow definition of “teacher” in order not to offend the prejudiced and narrow views of some parents. I understand that administrators are responsible for responding to the needs of all parents, but that does require that they bend to the lowest demands. We still have a responsibility in public education to set a standard. In this case that standard is humanity.</p> Jan Priddy