Comments on "It's not a bump, it's a pregnancy" - Faerye Net 2006-01-26T15:30:12+00:00 This is a specific comment I can't post on this specific person's blog 2006-01-26T15:30:12+00:00 2006-01-26T15:30:12+00:00 <p>I dislike Livejournal, so I don&#8217;t have an account, so, winter_in_asia, I happened across a post of yours about a speech by Bush, and I wanted to post this comment:<br /> <br /> <br /> Title: Dude.<br /> <br /> Body:<br /> &#8220;Brevity is the soul of wit&#8221; is SHAKESPEARE. Even Cher from <em>Clueless</em> knows who said that; it&#8217;s Polonius. :P<br /> <br /> -Felicity<br /> <br /> P.S. Your Livejournal is seriously weird for those of us who neither read Japanese nor use Livejournal enough to know instinctively what the Japanese says!</p> felicity Re: No subject 2006-01-24T15:59:00+00:00 2006-01-24T15:59:00+00:00 <p>Dear god. Someone says that? <br /> <br /> Well, I suppose someone says just about everything. But at least at my grocery store, I don&#8217;t have to see that plastered across every gossip rag and scandal sheet, so it&#8217;s rawther a different matter.</p> felicity Re: No subject 2006-01-23T16:14:01+00:00 2006-01-23T16:14:01+00:00 <p>Damn my lack of &#8221;.</p> winter_in_asia No subject 2006-01-23T16:13:23+00:00 2006-01-23T16:13:23+00:00 <p>It&#8217;s almost as bad as referring to children as &#8220;crotch droppings.<br /> <br /> Almost.</p> winter_in_asia No subject 2006-01-23T15:35:30+00:00 2006-01-23T15:35:30+00:00 <p>YES. <br /> <br /> That is all.</p> wonko