Comments on "Interview about "Small Towns" on the F&SF blog" - Faerye Net 2012-04-10T23:10:12+00:00 2012-04-10T23:10:12+00:00 2012-04-10T23:10:12+00:00 <p>John —</p> <p>There’s a certain base egotism you need to write anything at all, and I think it takes an extra dose to do historical fiction. At least using an era I’ve read about a lot helps. It gives a framework from which to begin imagining, somewhere to stand before you try to recreate the world!</p> Felicity 2012-02-12T08:49:29+00:00 2012-02-12T08:49:29+00:00 <p>I found it interesting even without having read the story. That before-and-after photo of Passchendaele is remarkable, and does more to convey the scale of destruction than anything I’ve encountered before. No wonder it stimulated you to write!</p> <p>I’m so impressed with people who can write historical fiction set in periods and locales they’re not already familiar with. I can’t imagine feeling like I know enough to do that.</p> John R Worsley