Comments on "In which I prove my clumsiness AGAIN" - Faerye Net 2006-03-31T21:24:26+00:00 Re: no worries! 2006-03-31T21:24:26+00:00 2006-03-31T21:24:26+00:00 <p>An&#8217; roight glad I am that you are hale indeed :)</p> felicity Re: no worries! 2006-03-31T21:24:02+00:00 2006-03-31T21:24:02+00:00 <p>Actually, I found an unopened bag of rice that I had stuck in the freezer as insurance against cereal moths (Albertson&#8217;s has a bad record on said scourge), which made an excellent ice pack.)</p> felicity no worries! 2006-03-31T20:19:37+00:00 2006-03-31T20:19:37+00:00 <p>I am hale and whole, no injuries sustained. I did kinda panic there for a minute, between a desk and a hard place. Even when not holding furniture I sometimes have a tendency to fall over backwards and it&#8217;s always so embarrassing when I crush other people&#8217;s computer monitors with my hinder. <br /> I wish you bags of frozen peas for your ankle.</p> thursday