Comments on "Ibuprofen is splendid, and so is my kitten!" - Faerye Net 2006-10-19T12:41:03+00:00 Re: pedantic 2006-10-19T12:41:03+00:00 2006-10-19T12:41:03+00:00 <p>You are entirely right, and I shall adjust my commentary accordingly.</p> felicity pedantic 2006-10-19T10:56:19+00:00 2006-10-19T10:56:19+00:00 <p>The term &#8220;teething&#8221; is usually used when kids, dogs, cats, etc. get their first teeth. What your cat is doing is losing her baby teeth.</p> dr512 Re: ew. 2006-09-29T20:31:19+00:00 2006-09-29T20:31:19+00:00 <p>I looked it up when I found the fang! I didn&#8217;t know either, and for a moment I thought something was wrong :(<br /> <br /> It made me extra-happy about it when I found out it was normal, hence the toothy photos :p<br /> <br /> Also, call me an ex-proto-paleontologist, but I think teeth are super-splendo-rific.</p> felicity ew. 2006-09-29T17:22:12+00:00 2006-09-29T17:22:12+00:00 <p>I am very sorry you had a headache, but glad Ibuprofen helps. That tooth is very&#8230;toothy. I didn&#8217;t know cats lost their teef.</p> sister sledge