Comments on "How to tell a 28-year-old from a kid (a remedial guide)" - Faerye Net 2009-02-26T07:02:20+00:00 boobs 2009-02-26T07:02:20+00:00 2009-02-26T07:02:20+00:00 <p>There are way too many 11 year olds sprouting them. I could blame the hormones in meat and milk, but I don&rsquo;t feel like ranting, just being contrary.</p> Emily re: How To Spot A Decision Maker 2009-02-19T16:01:59+00:00 2009-02-19T16:01:59+00:00 <p>Wow. Since I&rsquo;m usually pegged as a kid, I don&rsquo;t remember ever getting that one&hellip;maybe I&rsquo;ll ask around. Just&hellip;wow.</p> Felicity How To Spot A Decision Maker 2009-02-19T10:27:35+00:00 2009-02-19T10:27:35+00:00 <p>I&rsquo;m too old and decrepit for the age confusion. My beef is when they ask me if I can make decisions for the household. Do you think they ask my husband that question?</p> Pamela