Comments on "The Grey City XIX" - Faerye Net 2008-11-14T18:29:31+00:00 Must have been lost in another world... 2008-11-14T18:29:31+00:00 2008-11-14T18:29:31+00:00 <p>How on earth did I miss you posting this new chapter?</p> GreyStork re: Roman numerals 2008-08-28T16:31:17+00:00 2008-08-28T16:31:17+00:00 <p>Only if you&#8217;re doing it <strong>correctly</strong>.</p> <p>I couldn&#8217;t tell you why I did nine correctly without thinking about it, and nineteen incorrectly with just as little thought. Perhaps it illustrates that a little thought goes a long way.</p> Felicity Roman numerals 2008-08-28T13:15:50+00:00 2008-08-28T13:15:50+00:00 <p>Always thought &#8220;19&#8221; was translated as &#8220;XIX&#8221;</p> Elaine Corwin