Comments on "Genre War is Over" - Faerye Net 2009-07-09T23:53:45+00:00 Book Shelves & Chisels 2009-07-09T23:53:45+00:00 2009-07-09T23:53:45+00:00 <p>Interesting note: About fourteen years ago, my husband worked in the Astor Place Barnes &amp; Noble (no longer there, I believe) in NYC. At that time, he remembers that books were not shelved by genre. Perhaps the chasm has widened in direct result to the increase in MFA programs (though I love mine).</p> <p>I&#8217;ll be on the watch with my curious chisel.</p> <p>Thanks, Felicity!</p> Thea Swanson Re: I'm Starting to Get It! 2009-07-06T15:28:15+00:00 2009-07-06T15:28:15+00:00 <p>Thea &#8212;</p> <p>I read your post &#8212; good on ya! I used to describe the genre/&#8216;literary&#8217; divide as a wall, and the process of working against it as trying to chisel out one of the bricks. Using that metaphor, it&#8217;s good for folks to be working from both sides.</p> <p>Sometimes I&#8217;m not sure about that though, because it seems like it&#8217;s not enough for works to blur genre boundaries &#8212; attitudes need to change. When I listen to an interview about <a href="" rel="nofollow"><em>The Yiddish Policemen&#8217;s Union</em></a> where the interviewer apologizes for using the word &#8216;genre&#8217; with regards to the work and its influences &#8212; a work that drips hard-boiled and won the Nebula AND the Hugo &#8212; I realize how far we have to go. (For that matter, when the Powell&#8217;s &#8220;Staff Pick&#8221; review for that book calls it &quot;a &#8220;what-if&#8221; story for adults&quot;.)</p> <p>Anyway, whether or not my wall metaphor is still workable, thanks for picking up a chisel :)</p> Felicity I'm Starting to Get It! 2009-06-30T00:06:52+00:00 2009-06-30T00:06:52+00:00 <p>Hey, Felicity&#8212;</p> <p>I&#8217;m coming over to your side. Read my latest posting, &#8220;Where&#8217;s the Heart?&#8221; on my blog.</p> Thea Swanson