Comments on "Firsts! (In which I make another sale)" - Faerye Net 2011-07-22T17:11:48+00:00 2011-07-22T17:11:48+00:00 2011-07-22T17:11:48+00:00 <p>Elaine — yes, just when you thought my blog was a barren, updateless wasteland! I was just lulling you into a false sense of boredom.</p> <p>I can’t recall what the fortune cookie said, but it failed to read “you just sold a story,” so I scoffed and put it in the paper recycling.</p> Felicity 2011-07-16T17:43:05+00:00 2011-07-16T17:43:05+00:00 <p>I don’t check your blog for a few days and look what happens. I believe this is another example of the miraculous ways of Chinese takeaway if I’m not mistaken. Congratulations!</p> Elaine Corwin 2011-07-15T16:05:41+00:00 2011-07-15T16:05:41+00:00 <p>Thank you so much, all of you! And I do assure you, you <em>will</em> be kept apprised of all getting-your-hands-on-it developments :)</p> Felicity 2011-07-15T07:33:00+00:00 2011-07-15T07:33:00+00:00 Jan Priddy 2011-07-15T07:32:42+00:00 2011-07-15T07:32:42+00:00 <p>Fabulous news all around. Congratulations!</p> Jan Priddy 2011-07-15T07:10:24+00:00 2011-07-15T07:10:24+00:00 <p>Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! I SALUTE YOU!!!!</p> sister_sledge 2011-07-15T06:43:53+00:00 2011-07-15T06:43:53+00:00 <p>So proud of you, Felicity!</p> Emily 2011-07-15T05:46:51+00:00 2011-07-15T05:46:51+00:00 <p>Congratulations!</p> <p>Wonderful to see the content &amp; venue expansion.</p> Novel 2011-07-14T21:59:55+00:00 2011-07-14T21:59:55+00:00 <p>I look forward to reading it! Thank you and gratz!</p> Jared 2011-07-14T20:12:37+00:00 2011-07-14T20:12:37+00:00 <p>Congratulations! Looking forward to reading it!!</p> M.K. Hobson 2011-07-14T19:54:49+00:00 2011-07-14T19:54:49+00:00 <p>Man, y’all comment <em>fast</em>! Thank you very much for your congratulations! I can’t wait to spam you again when it’s out ;)</p> Felicity 2011-07-14T19:49:24+00:00 2011-07-14T19:49:24+00:00 <p>Congrats sweetie! That’s great!</p> Jeannine Hall Gailey 2011-07-14T19:35:57+00:00 2011-07-14T19:35:57+00:00 <p>Fantastic news! Congratulations!</p> Keith 2011-07-14T19:35:00+00:00 2011-07-14T19:35:00+00:00 <p>wow! congrats felicity!</p> mookie