Comments on "Episode III: Revenge of G.R.O.S.S." - Faerye Net 2005-06-10T12:19:52+00:00 Re: If there's anything I've learned from uncle George 2005-06-10T12:19:52+00:00 2005-06-10T12:19:52+00:00 <p>By the way, Darth Snarky suits you, and welcome to my site :D</p> felicity Re: If there's anything I've learned from uncle George 2005-06-10T12:18:23+00:00 2005-06-10T12:18:23+00:00 <p>Ha! Well, people used to call me Darth Kiki, but I actually decided only recently (on those same RPGnet fora) that my Sith name is Darth Livia. <br /> <br /> Thank you for aiding in my conversion to the Snarky Side :)<br /> <br /> Sincerely,<br /> Darth Livia</p> felicity If there's anything I've learned from uncle George 2005-06-10T11:28:25+00:00 2005-06-10T11:28:25+00:00 <p>Is that women can&#8217;t be Jedi unless they&#8217;re mute. (I can feel it). And even the mute ones don&#8217;t get light sabers (growing within you..), which is fine because they&#8217;re really not nearly as cool as flying, spinning, screaming hairy green muppets (your anger swells&#8230;). This definitely means that really a y chromosome is a necessary prerequisite to mastering the light side aspects of midichlorines&#8230;.<br /> So, in reaction to this fundamental fact, you can either fume, or do something about it (take it and strike me down&#8230;). Me, I&#8217;ve turned, I&#8217;ve turned others, and we&#8217;ve all changed our names because of it. So, will you join me on the side that allows women to wield a light saber, or two, or four (assuming the appropriate amount of arms). And, if so, please name yourself,<br /> Sincerely,<br /> Darth Snarky</p> Bboru