Comments on ""Conditional Love" reviewed in March Locus" - Faerye Net 2010-04-07T23:21:17+00:00 Tip 2010-04-07T23:21:17+00:00 2010-04-07T23:21:17+00:00 <p>Beware Chinese waitress bearing fortune cookie.</p> sister_sledge Re: Shout it Out Loud 2010-03-29T11:45:16+00:00 2010-03-29T11:45:16+00:00 <p>Thanks, Thea. The truth is, I don’t want to post every review, even every positive review. It doesn’t fit with my goals for the blog, and it would create new pressures.</p> <p>So I think I’ll stick with posting reviews as an exciting exception rather than the rule — but I’m glad you don’t mind it!</p> Felicity Shout it Out Loud 2010-03-27T21:29:53+00:00 2010-03-27T21:29:53+00:00 <p>Felicity, I think it is just fine for you to post reviews of your work—even if you only post the good ones. After all, life is short, reviews are hard to come by, and why not be your own marketer? If a book gets a bad review, the publisher doesn’t put it on the back cover. Posting good reviews is a way to spread the word on your stories, a way to communicate your art, a way to get readers. Plus, we like to cheer you on and applaud your successes.</p> Thea Swanson