Comments on "Comfy shoes" - Faerye Net 2009-04-06T11:19:31+00:00 re: expensive hair 2009-04-06T11:19:31+00:00 2009-04-06T11:19:31+00:00 <p>Yes, I&rsquo;ve thought about the hair as well. Not only is Detective Beckett (on <em>Castle</em>) sporting an impractical cut, but it&rsquo;s just about the most expensive length in the world &mdash; if it grows out a quarter inch it will look horrible and be completely untenable, but it&rsquo;s too long and complex to be easy to self-maintain. She must be going to the salon every week or so.</p> <p>I usually find it easier to brush off my hair concerns because in general, TV characters are played by extremely beautiful people and I can understand why they want to play that up. Extremely beautiful hair seems part and parcel. As long as the hair isn&rsquo;t actively hampering their theoretical role in the fictional world, I try to shrug it off.</p> <p>And of course, many action heroines have long, loose hair so they can throw it around and hide their face for easier stuntwoman substitution (they did that on <em>Buffy</em> all the time.)</p> Felicity expensive hair 2009-04-06T07:10:40+00:00 2009-04-06T07:10:40+00:00 <p>I have a similar problem with Hollywood people and their thoughts on hair &mdash; you mention the homicide detective brushing her impractical bangs. This is one of the major problems I have with medicine-themed shows &mdash; the female doctors always seem to have perfect, impractical tresses that magically never get covered in blood or interfere with performing intricate, complex medical procedures.</p> <p>Actually, now that I think about it, female cops (like you mentioned) also have impossibly perfect hair. And makeup. First thing in the morning. ugh.</p> carrie