Comments on "Choice" - Faerye Net 2007-01-23T07:34:08+00:00 No subject 2007-01-23T07:34:08+00:00 2007-01-23T07:34:08+00:00 <p>Way to start a fire!<br /> <br /> I&#8217;d be dead if choice weren&#8217;t an option. If staying alive hadn&#8217;t been an issue, I would have had one miserable child b/c I was well-unprepared. Thirdly, my life would have gone black. Some people like children. I have deep seated issues. There&#8217;s my two cents.</p> nursefusion Pro Choice 2007-01-23T00:52:06+00:00 2007-01-23T00:52:06+00:00 <p>I am pro choice too. But the &#8220;choice,&#8221; in my opinion, comes a little earlier in the game. Politics aside, what everyone is arguing about really isn&#8217;t a &#8220;choice.&#8221; It&#8217;s a consequence&#8212;of a choice that was already made, with full knowledge of the risk involved. <br /> <br /> But we live in a society where we do not feel responsible for the consequences of our own choices. It&#8217;s never our fault; if I&#8217;m bad, it&#8217;s because my daddy beat me, or my mommy drank too much. We don&#8217;t like giving up our pleasures or taking responsibility for our actions. <br /> <br /> Perhaps it&#8217;s because of the miserable months I spent in the hospital, away from my family and friends, unable to see my other children, trying to save the life of a baby that was, at the outset, still legally abortable. <br /> <br /> Perhaps it was the long, lonely, miserable nights when my only comfort was the sound of his heartbeat from the machines in the darkness&#8212;&#8220;shoom-shoom, shoom-shoom.&#8221; It&#8217;s been 20 years, but I can hear it like it was yesterday.<br /> <br /> Or perhaps it was the weeks I spent hovering over his incubator, waiting for each breath, willing him to live. <br /> <br /> Whatever the reason, for me it&#8217;s not about political agendas. I don&#8217;t want to rob anyone of their birth control, or force anyone to follow some moral code of my own making. The raw truth of it is that I simply can&#8217;t justify the taking of an innocent life for the sake of convenience, by someone who wants pleasure without having to deal with the responsibility of the potential consequences. <br /> <br /> In the words of Mother Teresa, &#8220;It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.&#8221;<br /> <br /> There&#8217;s my two cents. :)</p> LadyLong