Comments on "Braids: a random babble" - Faerye Net 2006-01-31T16:30:36+00:00 Re: Style 2006-01-31T16:30:36+00:00 2006-01-31T16:30:36+00:00 <p>Or I could just never have a conventional job EVER AGAIN&#8230;hmm, I still haven&#8217;t blogged about that.</p> felicity Style 2006-01-30T21:36:37+00:00 2006-01-30T21:36:37+00:00 <p>There are some places in this country, just West of center that I doubt braids will ever go out of style, because people are too busy thinking they are in the Wild West to be concerned with style. You could always move there :) Or braid your hair because you can, and if anyone questions your age just stick your toung out at them.</p> grizelda Re: Braids! 2006-01-30T14:17:06+00:00 2006-01-30T14:17:06+00:00 <p>She is getting an advanced degree in organ performance, after getting bachelorseseseses in Math and in Organ Performance. I talked to her on the felly tone yesterday :)</p> felicity Braids! 2006-01-30T06:36:24+00:00 2006-01-30T06:36:24+00:00 <p>Yes, her hair was always lovely. It seemed to always be done beautifully, yet have just enough wisps to make it look like she didn&#8217;t try too hard. I miss that flower friend. What is she up to?</p> lindsey