Comments on "Ashland Trip Part I: The Setting" - Faerye Net 2003-08-19T14:32:04+00:00 Re: Don't forget the geek factor! 2003-08-19T14:32:04+00:00 2003-08-19T14:32:04+00:00 <p>I think he still has a point. I don&#8217;t know how it is in the brief off-season, but most of the time it&#8217;s diluted with non-hicks, so it&#8217;s still not &#8220;lots&#8221; of hicks. <br /> <br /> Even in winter, it&#8217;s a college town. That&#8217;s something.</p> felicity Re: Don't forget the geek factor! 2003-08-19T14:22:47+00:00 2003-08-19T14:22:47+00:00 <p>Oh, honey, it&#8217;s a small town in southern Oregon, I guarantee you Ashland has hicks! It may take a while for them to surface, but stay long enough and you&#8217;ll see them. Perhaps they only come out at night to congregate furtively, chew tobacco, and inspect each other&#8217;s jacked up trucks, complete with gun racks.</p> sister sledge Re: My face is a corner? 2003-07-09T18:39:41+00:00 2003-07-09T18:39:41+00:00 <p><em>What</em> must be true, honey? Most of his rant is about how people are evil not to believe him. Unless &#8220;There are four days&#8221; constitutes a unified theory, I&#8217;m at a loss to say what he&#8217;s babbling about.</p> felicity Re: My face is a corner? 2003-07-09T14:02:36+00:00 2003-07-09T14:02:36+00:00 <p>But &#8220;Ignorance of the Time Cube is evil.&#8221;<br /> <br /> Besides, it&#8217;s on the Intarweb. It <strong>must</strong> be true.</p> Mithrandir My face is a corner? 2003-07-09T12:10:24+00:00 2003-07-09T12:10:24+00:00 <p>Dear god. I had forgotten that site and that site&#8217;s woe so thoroughly that the name was meaningless to me. Don&#8217;t link to him! Don&#8217;t encourage the madman!</p> felicity Re: Don't forget the geek factor! 2003-07-09T11:31:19+00:00 2003-07-09T11:31:19+00:00 <p>Yes. Understanding of the <a href="">Timecube</a> is all.<br /> <br /> Be not cubeless.</p> Mithrandir Re: Don't forget the geek factor! 2003-07-09T09:37:21+00:00 2003-07-09T09:37:21+00:00 <p>What does that make the fourth dimension, &#8220;the job dimension&#8221;? It&#8217;s a small town, that means few jobs. Especially in the tech sector.</p> felicity Re: Don't forget the geek factor! 2003-07-09T09:18:17+00:00 2003-07-09T09:18:17+00:00 <p>Bah. You&#8217;re just not thinking four-dimensionally.</p> wonko Re: Don't forget the geek factor! 2003-07-09T08:25:23+00:00 2003-07-09T08:25:23+00:00 <p>I think &#8220;jobs&#8221; are probably the big problem.</p> felicity Re: Don't forget the geek factor! 2003-07-08T19:09:05+00:00 2003-07-08T19:09:05+00:00 <p>Okay, answer this question for me: why don&#8217;t we all live in Ashland already? It&#8217;s like the perfect city. Small and friendly, but not full of hicks. Technologically advanced, and yet with a Shakespeare festival that lasts all summer long. Plus a comic book shop, many excellent sources for delicious pie, and one of the most beautiful locations in the entire state.</p> <p> Now I&#8217;m being serious. I really do want to move to Ashland. Will you all come with me? </p> wonko Re: Don't forget the geek factor! 2003-07-08T18:24:44+00:00 2003-07-08T18:24:44+00:00 <p>Also, tho&#8217; they are a small town, they have a clean, bright, and attractive comic book shop.</p> felicity Re: Don't forget the geek factor! 2003-07-08T17:27:15+00:00 2003-07-08T17:27:15+00:00 <p>Dear me, it looks like <a href="">they went through with the fiber thing</a> after all. We all need to move to Ashland. Right now.</p> wonko Don't forget the geek factor! 2003-07-08T17:23:54+00:00 2003-07-08T17:23:54+00:00 <p>I read an article a few years ago about the city of Ashland pondering the feasability of running fiber optic lines to every house/apartment in the city and offering broadband services for all. I haven&#8217;t heard anything about this recently, but if they went through with it, that would make Ashland my favorite place EVAR. Not that I didn&#8217;t like it already.</p> <p> Also, Ashland has <a href="">more free wi-fi hotspots</a> than GOD. That town rocks. </p> wonko