Comments on "Art Form" - Faerye Net 2011-08-24T06:05:27+00:00 2011-08-24T06:05:27+00:00 2011-08-24T06:05:27+00:00 <p>It is quite a nice idea,The photos is also very good.</p> custom people portrait 2011-08-08T14:26:59+00:00 2011-08-08T14:26:59+00:00 <p>Great post! :)</p> sister_sledge 2011-08-08T10:19:49+00:00 2011-08-08T10:19:49+00:00 <p>Actress <a href="" rel="nofollow">Amber Tamblyn</a> is a passionate poet, and the above quote ‘eat poetry so that your body is made of it’ reminds me of something she said in an <a href="" rel="nofollow">interview</a>. When asked “why do we need poetry?” she said, “Because we are the poem. Poetry is the thing you don’t write, it’s the thing you feel, it’s what you kiss, it’s what you sleep in, it’s what you smell, the way in which we need each other, the way in which we understand death without having experienced it”.</p> John Worsley