Comments on "Are you ready to be rejecteeeeeeeeeed?" - Faerye Net 2006-03-05T14:56:05+00:00 Re: Assuaging After the Fact 2006-03-05T14:56:05+00:00 2006-03-05T14:56:05+00:00 <p>Aren&#8217;t you nice? That actually does make me feel better. :)</p> felicity Re: Assuaging After the Fact 2006-03-05T12:14:19+00:00 2006-03-05T12:14:19+00:00 <p>I totally understand your concern&#8230; I applied to one of the top art schools in the coutry without so much as a real art class under my belt! (that&#8217;s what I get for going to NRST!) And my personal essay was horribly morbid and weird&#8230;<br /> <br /> But guess what? I GOT IN! And I&#8217;m sure you will too. Because you have way more talent now, than I ever did then! : )</p> infinitecreature Re: Assuaging After the Fact 2006-02-28T16:32:52+00:00 2006-02-28T16:32:52+00:00 <blockquote>2. [too neurotic, we&#8217;re not fielding it]</blockquote><br /> <br /> Dude, I&#8217;ve seen people post about how they&#8217;ve been rejected the first time, and then taken workshops, reapplied with them on their app, and been accepted. Maybe that&#8217;s supposed to be hopeful, but to me it&#8217;s scary! If I get rejected this time, I&#8217;m going to have to figure out something else to do for six months! felicity Re: Assuaging After the Fact 2006-02-28T14:26:20+00:00 2006-02-28T14:26:20+00:00 <p>Also, I agree with what GreyStork said.</p> sister sledge Assuaging After the Fact 2006-02-28T14:25:41+00:00 2006-02-28T14:25:41+00:00 <p>1. Some people decided to apply many months before you did. That doesn&#8217;t mean their applications are better.<br /> Some people like to turn things in well before a deadline. This also doesn&#8217;t mean their applications are better. <br /> <br /> 2. [too neurotic, we&#8217;re not fielding it]<br /> <br /> 3. 25 pages is 25 pages. Your writing is so good, no one will get fatigued. If they are, it&#8217;s because they procrastinated and left their application-reading to the last minute!<br /> <br /> 4. You&#8217;ve charmed everyone you&#8217;ve ever met. And you&#8217;re not supposed to divine their intentions&#8212;they want to see you strut your stuff, it&#8217;s not a code to crack. <br /> <br /> 5. You did a fine job.</p> sister sledge Re: Simple is better... 2006-02-23T17:21:04+00:00 2006-02-23T17:21:04+00:00 <p>Ha!<br /> <br /> I have every intention of carrying on with it, as it is the product of <a href="">certain</a> <a href="">morbid</a> <a href="">fascinations</a> <a href="">of mine</a>. However, it is always a spur to my work to know that there is someone who will be particularly gratified by it.<br /> <br /> P.S. You may very well have told me you&#8217;re a Grey City fan before, but I have a memory like a sieve these days!</p> felicity Re: Simple is better... 2006-02-23T16:40:30+00:00 2006-02-23T16:40:30+00:00 <p>I&#8217;m sorry if I haven&#8217;t adequately communicated my fascination with your Grey City, but I would certainly be interested in reading more of it, should you decide to carry on with that theme. I can only guess, of course, but it has a certain <a href="">gloomy taste</a> to it, which, I&#8217;m afraid, appeals to my own morbid dramatic sense. ;o)</p> GreyStork Re: Simple is better... 2006-02-23T15:43:13+00:00 2006-02-23T15:43:13+00:00 <p>P.S. 25 pages, 12 pt Times New Roman, double spaced. Just to clarify :P</p> felicity Re: Simple is better... 2006-02-23T15:42:34+00:00 2006-02-23T15:42:34+00:00 <p>Ha! Well, Greystork, I am limited to 25 pages. I don&#8217;t know for certain how many pages the Grey City is, but I have a feeling it&#8217;s pushing 25, and it&#8217;s nowhere near done! <br /> <br /> I didn&#8217;t realize you liked it so much&#8212;I enjoy writing it a great deal, and I actually know where it&#8217;s going. Perhaps you will see some more installments after the applications are in&#8230;.</p> felicity Re: Simple is better... 2006-02-23T14:44:37+00:00 2006-02-23T14:44:37+00:00 <p>I think that&#8217;s an excellent plan. :o) I don&#8217;t suppose something like <a href="">The Grey City</a>, my all-time favorite for its overwhelming ambiance, made it into your selection?</p> GreyStork Re: Simple is better... 2006-02-23T14:26:56+00:00 2006-02-23T14:26:56+00:00 <p>I think I&#8217;ve already followed your advice pretty well with the manuscript&#8212;I am even worried a little bit that <a href="">Marcus and the Dark</a>, my only fantasy story in the packet, isn&#8217;t fantastical enough to give them fair warning, &#8220;SHE WILL WRITE FAIRY TALES. YOU BETTER BE DOWN WITH THAT!&#8221; I will try to keep that spirit of, &#8220;I&#8217;m applying, but I&#8217;m also showing you who I am so you won&#8217;t be surprised later&#8221; as I head into the essays. :)</p> felicity Simple is better... 2006-02-23T14:10:30+00:00 2006-02-23T14:10:30+00:00 <p>...when it comes to most things, including advice.<br /> <br /> Hence, my advice would be: keep true to yourself. Don&#8217;t let performance anxiety lure you into any attempts of extra brillance or out-of-character literary trickery in your writing. Just show them who you are &#8211; you&#8217;re plenty brilliant as it is.<br /> <br /> The purpose of your submissions are not to show that you&#8217;re already a fully-fledged author with nothing to learn. The purpose is to show the panel what kind of raw material you are. There are no right answers with these sorts of things, in my experience. Honesty shows, however, and I think that&#8217;s something they&#8217;d appreciate. Don&#8217;t try to second-guess them by producing what you think they want. Just show them how <i>you</i> write and tell the kinds of stories you feel most comfortable with and are passionate about.<br /> <br /> Let them want you for who you really are.</p> GreyStork