Comments on "Anil's Curse" - Faerye Net 2006-03-19T21:02:45+00:00 Re: What's in a name? 2006-03-19T21:02:45+00:00 2006-03-19T21:02:45+00:00 <p>Well, sirrah, I finished <em>Anil&#8217;s Ghost</em> this morning, and found it thoroughly beautiful and effective all the way through.<br /> <br /> As I mentioned, I have a weakness for novels set in South Asia; and there are, I guess, other things that would prejudice me in the book&#8217;s favor. However, I really loved his technique, in general, as well.</p> felicity Re: What's in a name? 2006-03-19T14:51:42+00:00 2006-03-19T14:51:42+00:00 <p>I do suggest a leisurely reread of TEP, but it&#8217;s not quite as good as either In the Skin of a Lion or Coming through Slaughter. Theformer is quite similar to it; I just find early 20th century Canada more romantic than 40&#8217;s Italy. The latter is not as enjoyable as either, but a more interesting form. It&#8217;s the historical fiction of Jazz pioneer Buddy Bolden, and is told on the prose side of a poetry/prose montage. <br /> <br /> His poetry&#8217;s not bad either.</p> EMeta Re: What's in a name? 2006-03-18T11:21:09+00:00 2006-03-18T11:21:09+00:00 <p>Heh&#8230;I actually love <em>Anil&#8217;s Ghost</em>, and the only other thing I&#8217;d read of his, <em>The English Patient</em>, I liked but didn&#8217;t love. I decided on the first tape of <em>Anil&#8217;s Ghost</em> that I needed to go back and reread <em>English Patient</em> in a more leisurely way. I figured, if I like THIS book so much, then I must have missed something in the other! I may just have a weakness for fiction set in South Asia. Or he may ruin it in the last sixth! :P<br /> <br /> There was a boy in my elementary and middle schools named Anil, but he pronounced it uh-NEEL (or allowed us to do so) and Alan Cummings is pronouncing it <strong>A</strong>-nil. Since he seems to have a masterful grasp on the place names and such, I am confused.</p> felicity Re: What's in a name? 2006-03-18T07:10:10+00:00 2006-03-18T07:10:10+00:00 <p>But even if she asked for the curse, does the reader neccessarily have to suffer? I adore everything else Ondaatje&#8217;s written [okay, I haven&#8217;t made it through Billy the Kid yet&#8212;it&#8217;s hard!], but Anil&#8217;s Ghost just didn&#8217;t do it for me. I just didn&#8217;t feel the magic I got from English Patient, Skin of a Lion, Coming Through Slaughter, &#38; his poetry. <br /> <br /> And for the record, I think Anil is a beautiful name.</p> EMeta Re: What's in a name? 2006-03-17T22:54:24+00:00 2006-03-17T22:54:24+00:00 <p>Actually, your comment is rather droll if one has read the book, as the character was NOT named Anil, which is a boy&#8217;s name in Sri Lanka. It was her older brother&#8217;s middle name, and she bought it off of him for a pencil case, some largish number of rupees, and other things I cannot remember.<br /> <br /> So if it is a curse, she asked for it.</p> felicity What's in a name? 2006-03-17T22:51:32+00:00 2006-03-17T22:51:32+00:00 <p>If you ask me, Anil&#8217;s curse was being named Anil.</p> wonko