Comments on "A question of names" - Faerye Net 2006-09-06T14:35:46+00:00 How about 2006-09-06T14:35:46+00:00 2006-09-06T14:35:46+00:00 <p>The reproductive machine formerly known as Offred?</p> dr512 Re: Obvious 2006-08-31T10:19:25+00:00 2006-08-31T10:19:25+00:00 <p>Ack, you taught me a new word!</p> felicity Re: Obvious 2006-08-30T13:52:57+00:00 2006-08-30T13:52:57+00:00 <p>Well, I just thought Ayaan Hirsi Ali would be the perfect deuteragonist, given her advocacy for women&#8217;s rights and resistance to religious (and other excuses for) oppression of her sex. And quite fotogenic, I might add. :o)</p> GreyStork Re: Obvious 2006-08-30T12:45:32+00:00 2006-08-30T12:45:32+00:00 <p>Both of you are very silly and have suggested things EVEN less clear than calling her by her possible real name :p</p> felicity Obvious 2006-08-30T12:40:33+00:00 2006-08-30T12:40:33+00:00 <p>Just call her Bob.</p> EMeta Re: A question of names 2006-08-28T19:09:20+00:00 2006-08-28T19:09:20+00:00 <p>How about <a href=";coliid=IM5QP469XUW0K&#38;colid=2IJPB4IBXQTLT">Ayaan</a>? ;o)</p> GreyStork