Comments on "133+ $4\\/|0r" - Faerye Net 2004-08-02T11:28:03+00:00 Re: Exactly! 2004-08-02T11:28:03+00:00 2004-08-02T11:28:03+00:00 <p>Yes, your character&#8217;s name was Zeke. And no, Zeke was not the Second Coming! :p</p> felicity Exactly! 2004-08-01T20:05:37+00:00 2004-08-01T20:05:37+00:00 <p>I think a boy named Zeke might have something to say abou that&#8230;<br /> <br /> Zeke was his name, right? it&#8217;s been too long since I&#8217;ve peeled minds like grapes. Mmmm&#8230; grapes.<br /> <br /> And RAD comes to see me tomorrow!</p> EMeta